Tấm pin năng lượng mặt trời Winaico mono WSP-M6 PERC

Exceeds the IEC standard 3 times over
Because standards are there to be surpassed.
99% relative efficiency at weak-light
Because a 3% increase in yield is better than nothing.
Protection against the weather and the elements
Because long term performance matters.
Designed for fire safety
Because plant fires mean more than financial losses alone.
25 year linear performance guarantee
15 year product warranty.

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Manufactured with the newest automated manufacturing technology, the monocrystalline WINAICO WSP solar panel series combines the highest quality finish and stability of yield with a functional and aesthetic design of the highest quality. The WINAICO high performance photovoltaic panels are each fitted with 60 highly efficient 156 x 156 mm solar cells and through the application of high-grade semiconductor silicon, achieve outstanding energy yields. With efficiencies of up to 17.7 % and nominal power capacity of 280 to 295 Wp, they guarantee optimal usage of space and a high annual output of energy. Even under weak illumination, solar current will still be generated. Exclusively positive power tolerances insure that the invoice you send as operator of the panels will go up will go up – and that your investment will pay off.
Data sheet WINAICO WSP-M6 PERC Full Black series, monocrystalline