Tấm pin năng lượng mặt trời Phono solar MWT

20W+ higher rated power more than common module
3% higher power generation on the same installation
BOS cost can be reduced by 1.2-1.5 USD cent/w
No bus-bar on the cell, effectively avoid the micro crack caused by the pressure between cell edge and ribbon
MWT can be combined with most existing manufacturing process and technologies

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Conventional Al-BSF cell:
LOW technical threshold (mono19.8%, poly18.4%)game console, portable cooler, coffee maker, and more.
MWT cell:
Phono Solar is the leader of MWT mass production.
MWT technology has High compatibility with conventional cells equipment, High technical threshold, complex technical process.

NO bus-bar 
Less shading, higher conversion efficiency (absolutely improved by over 0.4%), reduce consumption of silver paste.

No welding belt 
Avoid the performance degradation caused by welding stress and microcrack; meanwhile, it is also applicable thinner silicon wafer, which is helpful for reducing cost.

Technical compatibility 
Good compatibility with other technologies, including black silicon, PERC, etc.

Personalized customization 
The pattern of MWT cell finger can be customized.

MWT’s Compatibility

Conclusion for technical advantages of MWT

MWT Module Datasheet(Download )