Tấm pin năng lượng mặt trời AUO SunForte PM096B00

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Power Range: 325 ~ 335Wp
Highly Strengthened Design: Module complies with advanced loading tests to meet 5400 Pa loading requirements
Resistance to Salt Corrosion and Humidity: Module complies with IEC 61701: Salt Mist Corrosion Testing
Back Contact Cells: No string in the front side enhances light conversion space
IP-67 Rates Junction Box: Advancde water and dust proof level
PID-Resistance(up to Diamond Level): Certified high PID resistance
Superior Performance at High Temperatures: Less power loss in hot weather conditions due to the low temperature coefficient

SunForte PM096B00, our most powerful PV module, is equipped with Back-Contact technology, and delivers the top high efficiency, at up to 20.6%, with power output up to 335W. Its outstanding high efficiency enables more energy output than conventional counterparts when given the same amount of space.* With its transformer-less solution, LID(Light Induced Degradation)-Free technology and better temperature coefficient, PM096B00 performs better in energy yield than conventional c-Si (crystalline silicon) modules.
SunForte PM096B00’s High Efficiency Advantage

Same amount of space with more energy
In the same size area, SunForte PM096B00 provides(up to) 34% more rated watts than convential modules.*
System of conventional modules

Conventional Module: 245W/piece Total watts of system: 4,410W (245W x 18 pieces)

System of SunForte PM096B00

SunForte PM096B00: 330W/piece
Total watts of system: 5,940W
(330W x 18 pieces)
* In comparison of the 60-cell PV modules with 15.2% module efficiency.

Same installation capacity with fewer modules
For composing a same scale system, SunForte PM096B00 saves(up to) 24% space than conventional modules.*
System of conventional modules

6kW system:
composed of 245W Solar Modules()

System of SunForte PM096B00

composed of SunForte PM096B00( )
* In comparison of a 60-cell PV module with dimension of 1639 x 983 x 40 mm

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Tấm pin năng lượng mặt trời AUO SunForte PM096B00