SUNNY CENTRAL 500CP-JP / 630CP-JP / 800CP-JP / 1000CP-JP

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  • Max. input voltage: 1000 V
  • Nominal AC power (@ 50 °C): 455 kVA / 630 kVA / 800 kVA / 900 kVA

The durable and high-performance Sunny Central 1000CP-JP guarantees maximum yields in all climate zones. This has been clearly demonstrated in numerous stress tests. With the integrated OptiCool™ cooling system, the Sunny Central 1000CP-JP can continue to feed solar power into the power distribution grid even at ambient temperatures up to 62 °C. The compact and durable enclosure for the equipment allows easy and uncomplicated outdoor installation – without complex enclosures and external cooling systems. This significantly reduces costs and self-consumption. With its comprehensive grid management functions, the Sunny Central 1000CP-JP already fulfills future requirements for grid operators.


  • Compact and weatherproof enclosure for outdoor installation
  • OptiCool™ cooling system for ambient temperatures of up to 62 °C


  • Peak efficiency of 98.6 %
  • Higher profit thanks to low self-consumption


  • Resistant to salt corrosion
  • Resists sand and dust
  • Suitable for all climate zones


  • High operational safety and easy to maintain
  • Powerful grid management functions (including FRT)

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SUNNY CENTRAL 500CP-JP / 630CP-JP / 800CP-JP / 1000CP-JP