Tấm pin năng lượng mặt trời Sunpower X-Series

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Built with Maxeon® solar cells, delivering up to 21.5% efficiency and available in 335 or 345 watt panels. Perfect for space constrained projects.

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More than 21% Efficiency
Ideal for roofs where space is at a premium or where future expansion might be needed.
Maximum Performance
Designed to deliver the most energy in demanding real-world conditions, in partial shade and hot rooftop temperatures.
Premium Aesthetics
SunPower® Signature™ Black X-Series panels blend harmoniously into your roof. The most elegant choice for your home.

Engineered for Peace of Mind
Designed to deliver consistent, trouble-free energy over a very long lifetime.
Designed for Durability
The SunPower Maxeon Solar Cell is the only cell built on a solid copper foundation. Virtually impervious to the corrosion and cracking that degrade conventional panels. 3 Same excellent durability as E-Series panels.
#1 Rank in Fraunhofer durability test.9 100% power maintained in Atlas 25+ comprehensive durability test.

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Tấm pin năng lượng mặt trời Sunpower X-Series