Tấm pin năng lượng mặt trời Solar-frontier 145-170 W

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Resistance to salt mist corrosion
Resistance to ammonia corrosion
No hotspots
No microcracks
Robust glass / glass / back sheet
No cadmium No lead
Superior aesthetics

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Highest yields under real conditions, even when they are unfavourable. In order to make good on this claim, throughout its history Solar Frontier has conducted extensive research and made many innovative breakthroughs in CIS technology. The company has carried out pioneering work in solar energy since 1970, and has accumulated unparalleled expertise in research, development and manufacturing of solar panels.

Solar Frontier’s SF145–170 PowerModules S-series offers the highest conversion efficiency of any mass produced thin-film module, up to 13.8 %. All modules are RoHS compliant and cadmium and lead-free. Fewer production steps and raw materials also mean an industry-leading energy payback time of less than one year.

Technical specifications

S-MODULESF 145-SSF 150-SSF 155-SSF 160-SSF 165-SSF 170-S
STC Characteristics1)
Nominal powerPmax145 W150 W155 W160 W165 W170 W
Positive sorting effectModule power up to 5 W higher than nominal power
Module efficiency%11.8 %12.2 %12.6 %13.0 %13.4 %13.8 %
Open circuit voltageVoc107.0 V108.0 V109.0 V110.0 V110.0 V112.0 V
Short circuit currentIsc2.20 A2.20 A2.20 A2.20 A2.20 A2.20 A
Current at nominal powerImpp1.80 A1.85 A1.88 A1.91 A1.93 A1.95 A
Temperature Characteristics
Temperature coefficient of Iscα+0.01 %/K
Temperature coefficient of Vocβ-0.30 %/K
Temperature coefficient of Pmaxδ-0.31 %/K
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions (L x W x H)1,257 x 977x 35 mm
Weight20 kg
Snow & wind load (IEC 61646)2,400 Pa

1) Values measured under Standard Test Conditions “STC” defined by IEC norm (1,000 W/m² irradiance, 25°C module temperature and air mass 1.5). Isc and Voc are within ±10% tolerance of the rated values at STC. If measured at a later point in time after shipping from the factory, Pmax may have a tolerance of +10% / –5%. Module efficiency at 200 W/m² irradiance is typically 98 % (±1.9 %) of efficiency under STC.

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Tấm pin năng lượng mặt trời Solar-frontier 145-170 W