Tấm pin năng lượng mặt trời AUO SunPrimo PM060PW1

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Power Range: 250 ~ 270Wp

Highly Strengthened Design: Module complies with advanced loading tests to meet 5400 Pa loading requirements
Flammability Test: Low ignitability ensuring fire safety
Anti-Reflection Coated Glass: Anti-reflective surface enhances the power performance
PID-Resistance(up to Diamond Level): Certified high PID resistance
Resistance to Salt Corrosion and Humidity: Module complies with IEC 61701: Salt Mist Corrosion Testing
Ammonic Test:  Reliable in ammonia rich environment

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SunPrimo PM060PW0/PM060PW1/PM072PW0 are high-quality multi-crystalline modules that can be widely used in residential, commercial and utility projects. They have passed the salt-mist corrosion test, ammonia corrosion test and flammability test to provide increased reliability and safety. The positive power tolerance of up to +3% ensures the expected power outputs. With its high power output up to 320W per module, the 72-cell module SunPrimo PM072W0 is especially suitable for large scale power plants.

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PM060PW1 – 4 Bus Bar

PM060PW1 – 5 Bus Bar


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Tấm pin năng lượng mặt trời AUO SunPrimo PM060PW1