Pin lưu trữ LG CHEM 3.2kWh LV (RESU 6.4EX Expansion)

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The LG Chem RESU 6.4 EX is a wall mounted energy storage system for use with solar PV installations. The system stores up to 6.4kWh of energy and a further two 3.2kWh expansion modules can be added to the standard capacity. The system is compatible with SMA, Nedap and Sungrow solar inverters with SMA inverters recommended. The system can be configured into two packages: self-consumption and no battery backup and self-consumption with battery backup (See packages leaflet). The battery management system (BMS) in the RESU 6.4 Ex automatically monitors all function in the unit and ensures optimal charge/discharge cycles. An App is available for monitoring via a mobile device.

ModelRESU 6.4EX Expansion Pack
Nominal Characteristics
Total Energy3.2 kWh
Battery Voltage (Range)51.8 V DC (45.2~58.1V DC)
Capacity63 Ah
Physical Characteristics
Dimension (W x H x D)406 x 664 x 165mm
Weight30 kg
Energy Density127 Wh/ℓ
IP rating 21 Electrical21
Electrical Characteristics
cteristics Configuration14S2P
Charge/Discharge Power3.3kW(Max Continuous)
Operating Conditions
CommunicationCAN, CANopen
Operation Temperature-30 ~ 50°C (0~40℃ without Derating of Power)



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Pin lưu trữ LG CHEM 3.2kWh LV (RESU 6.4EX Expansion)