Inverter mô phỏng sine 600W – Power Master (Taiwan)

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Bộ đổi nguồn mô phỏng sine 600W -12v-220V

Hàng chính hãng Power Master Taiwan

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Soft start
AVR design
Input & Output isolated
Auto temperature control fan
Reverse polarity protection. / by fuse
Output short circuit protection
Temperature protection: 50 +/- 5degrees
Overload protection
Input low voltage protection
Input high voltage protection
Low battery alarm
Low battery shut-down


Convert 12V/ 24Vdc to 115V/ 230Vac; so that you can use whatever electric appliances in your car; caravan; marine or at home where you cannot get domestic power.
~ Power it UP wherever you go ~

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  Model No.PM-A-0600AH-12PM-A-0600AH-24
  Output power continuous600W600W
  Instant Surge1200W1200W
  Standby Current< 0.5A< 0.3A
  DC Input Voltage10~15V20~30V
  AC Output Voltage100V/110V/115V/120Vac
or 220V/230V/240Vac
or 220V/230V/240Vac
  Regulation&±> 5%±> 5%
  Output frequency50Hz or 60Hz ±> 0.05%50Hz or 60Hz ±> 0.05%
  Efficiency> 85%> 85%
  Low Battery Alarm< 10.5V ±> 0.5VDC< 21.5V ±> 0.5VDC
  Low Battery Alarm & Shut-Down± 0.5VDC< 20.5V ±> 0.5VDC
  Over Heating Alarm> 60> 60
  Over Heating Alarm & Shut-Down> 65> 65
  Over Load Alarm> 650W> 650W
  Over Load Alarm & Shut-Down> 700W> 700W
  Input Low Voltage ProtectionYesYes
  Soft StartYesYes
  DC/AC IsolatedYesYes
  AVR DesignYesYes
  Output Short Circuit ProtectionYesYes
  Auto Temperature Control FanYesYes
  Reverse Polarity ProtectionYes (By Fuse)Yes (By Fuse)
  Fuse25A * 3pcs20A * 3pcs
  Dimensions (L x W x H mm)200 * 178 * 83200 * 178 * 83
  Gross weight (by Kg/s)2.162.16
  AccessoryDC Cable with Alligator ClipDC Cable with Alligator Clip

  Output Waveform
  (Modified sine wave)


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Inverter mô phỏng sine 600W - Power Master (Taiwan)

1,650,000 2,200,000 

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