Hòa lưới điện Sunny Central 1000CP XT

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The most powerful CP with an output of 1 megawatt
Max. permissible DC voltage: 1000 V
Nominal AC power (@ 40 °C): 1000 kVA

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1 MW system power as standard
High power density for reduced transportation costs
Maximum yields with low system costs


Full nominal power in continuous operation at ambient temperatures up to 40 °C
Direct installation on-site, optimized for extreme climatic conditions of between -40°C and 62°C
OptiCool for active temperature management


Wide DC input voltage range for flexible use of various module configurations
Perfectly adjusted to temperature-dependent behavior of PV arrays


All grid management functions included, prepared for Q at Night
Optimal monitoring and control thanks to customized computing platform


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Hòa lưới điện Sunny Central 1000CP XT