Hòa lưới điện Sunny Boy 1.5 / 2.5

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Topology: Transformerless
Max. DC-voltage: 600 V
Max. apparent AC power: 1500 VA / 2500 VA

• Broad input voltage range
• Integrated WLAN and Speedwire/ Webconnect interface with Webconnect function
• Wired or wireless communication
• New communication concept with integrated web server
• System data monitoring possible via WebUI on all smartphones and tablets
• Pulsating LED
• OptiTrack Global Peak
• Maintenance free, thanks to convection cooling
• Zero feed-in ready
• Direct E-Meter connection
Easy to Use
• SUNCLIX DC plug-in system
• Easy installation, low weight and size, transformerless
• Easy commissioning via WebUI

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Hòa lưới điện Sunny Boy 1.5 / 2.5